Weedless Waterways

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Welcome to Weedless Waterways. We specialize in lake weed harvesting services, removal and control. Located in Barrie, we clear weedy waterways as far as Lake Huron, Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes, Lake Ontario and in between. A fantastic option for lake weed control.

Our Water Weed Cutting Equipment

Our water weed equipment is an amphibious Mobitrac that cuts aquatic weeds as deep in the water as 4′ feet and travels across land and water with ease. Another attachment is use to go around and collect the cut weeds.

We are specialists in cattail removal, milfoil removal, phragmites removal, reeds and more types of seaweed.

Our Lake Weed Control is Ideal For…

Since we can get in almost anywhere, our lake weed harvesting services is ideal for golf courses, marinas, private waterfronts and ponds, boat slips, canals and ditches, wetlands, or public waterways.

We can get in and cut where very few can! Our Mobitrac floats and has paddle tracks, therefore making it agile on the water and low impact on land. We can do more than cutting, we can dispose of the cut aquatic weeds off site, depending on your waterway access.

Cut pond weeds

Regain your overrun wetlands. Turn your precious land into a usable pond or boat/swimming area. We know the huge job that goes into pulling cattails by hand, we’ve done it!

It’s so great, right?! Wading in the swampy mud, pulling in the hot sun, getting bit by various insects, then having to drag all the cut weeds to shore. It takes a long time and is physically taxing.

Cut Cattails

Environmentally Conscious

We are aware that cutting weeds can disturb ecosystems and habitats, so we follow the rules set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

They, however, also understand that we have a great eutrophication problem in Ontario wherein our lakes and rivers are being overwhelmed by excessive nitrogen and phosphorus. These components of fertilizers and sewage are supercharging algae blooms and weed growth.

When the weeds and algae are allowed to overrun waterways, from the process of their decomposition, they starve the water of oxygen and force out fish or kill them outright. Our aquatic weed control is an environmentally friendly way to remove lake weeds and help rebalance the ecosystem.

See academic articles supporting macrophytes (weed) harvesting as a means to reduce lake phosphorus here. Another abstract here. An article here suggests harvesting to remove the biomass which removes the nutrients, but advises that the cut material does not re-enter the waterway. Here is comprehensive article on eutrophication and discusses harvesting in section 4.4 specifically.

The equipment we harvest weeds with uses environmentally friendly hydraulic oil and no petroleum products touch the water. Compare this with using chemicals or dredging to kill lake weeds!

Municipal and Commercial Contracts

We are insured for $5 million for both private and public water weed control contracts.