Lake Weed Regulations

Before we begin…

Before booking your weed harvesting, understand there are some rules to cutting and lake weed harvesting in Ontario. Many areas in Ontario are okay to cut lake weeds without permission and some need a permit first. Regardless, to cut and harvest, there are some guidelines to follow relating to timing, how much area, equipment, etc.

Below is some rules and info on aquatic weed harvesting in Ontario. Please ensure you have or will have the appropriate permissions before booking us.

Lake Weed Cutting

aquatic weed control

Native species

The land in schedule 1, including the shorelines of Georgian bay and Lake Huron, requires a permit to the MNRF. The land in schedule 2 does not need a permit, but still has rules to follow for aquatic weed harvesting. See the full article here: Native Species Weed Cutting

Invasive species

You do not need a permit to harvest lake weeds that are an invasive species. There are similar rules to follow as native species, however they are simple to adhere to. See the full article here: Invasive Species Weed Cutting

Trent Severn Waterway

The Trent Severn is considered a historic waterway and governed by Parks Canada, so property owners on the Trent need a work permit to cut aquatic weeds. Permit applications are accepted between January and June each year. Lake Simcoe and Couchiching are exempt. For the Trent Severn Work Permit application click here.

Timing – When Can We Start?

Now that you have deciphered whether you need a permit or not, (hopefully not!) the next step is to see when we are allowed to cut. Removing floating weeds is ok any time of the year, but for anything living, here are MNR’s guidelines to lake weed cutting timing windows based around fish spawning. Generally, the window to cut is between July 15th and September 15th.

Private ponds and lagoons are exempt from these regulations!

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