Lake Weed Control Services

$. 0 / .40
per square foot + HST

Your Vision

Imagine that crystal clear lakefront, sandy swimming area or wide open boat passage that you’ve needed to truly feel satisfied about your property. You paid a premium for the property and you want to enjoy it to the maximum. The costs for you to have your ideal waterfront property are below.


Harvesting aquatic weeds and removal is based on square footage of area to be cut. Water weed removal services pricing is between $.25 and $.40 per square foot plus HST with a minimum of $2500.00 (eg. 100 x 60 ft).

The above rates covers trailering the equipment within 100 kms of Barrie, cutting and collecting lake water weeds and leaving them on site. Travel from Barrie beyond the 100 kms will include a travel cost of $2.50/km.



Off-site complete removal of cut weeds can be arranged at $600.00 per tonne, with a $400 minimum. The cost goes toward barging/dumpster rental and landfill disposal cost. The trouble these days is many landfills don’t accept it lake weeds. The most economical approach is to have the organic material left on site in a compost pile. Allow it to dry out and the pile gets smaller and material gets easier to manage. It can be burned or mulched and used as excellent fertilizer.

Ways to Save

Discounted rates for multiple water weed removal jobs in the same general location within the same few days. For example: a few neighbours contract us for their properties for the same timeframe.

Preferred rates for contracts such as municipalities and large volume work, like marinas, for example. The per square foot cost goes down as the square feet go up.

Before After aquatic weed controlaquatic weed control
Before After lake weed controllake weed control
Before After lake weed controllake weed control

Minimum order of $2,500.00 (aprox. 100ftx60ft)